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What is You Matter Mentoring?

You Matter Mentoring  was created by Stephanie Swan as a space where people can unite to share similar experiences and have a safe space to talk.

Growing up surrounded by various forms of addictions, Stephanie had always searched for the right people to converse with about her feelings of grief, abandonment, loss, heartache and overall heightened emotions, but found it difficult to find those who truly knew how to listen and understand.

Feeling uncertain and confused about what a healthy lifestyle and boundaries truly were, it became hard for her to see and recognize what self care, a positive future and meaningful relationships looked like.

The idea behind this business stemmed from the unconditional support Stephanie received from her beloved grandmother along the way. The values that were instilled from a great sense of love and security became the basis of this entire practice. If Stephanie could share her love, knowledge, and experience with others to help coach and guide them towards a healthier new path, then why not do it?

Let this be a place to share and feel heard in a way that feels safe for you. A fresh way to uncover the feelings you may have kept guarded from your heart or even felt out of control of. A new opportunity with no judgment; simply an ear to rely on. 

You will be provided with 1:1 Mentoring sessions on a weekly basis or truly as often or little as you like. That’s the joy of this practice; there is no expectations other then what works for you. Options for session delivery will be discussed upon intake.


[ˈmenˌtôr, ˈmenˌtər]


  1. an experienced and trusted


Stephanie and her grandmother Jo-Ann

Building Resiliency through hugging



At You Matter Mentoring, it is important to provide ways in which you feel most comfortable to receive your sessions.

Virtual Session

Online Virtual Mentoring

Phone consults and sessions

Phone call

Therapy Space

In-person Mentoring 


For Children/Adults

$80.00 | One Hour
$120.00 | Hour and half 
$310.00 | 1 Month Container 
(4) 60 Minute Sessions
$945.00 |  3 Month Container
(12) 60 Minute Sessions

If you are struggling with a loved one, then let’s work together to push for change. Accepting that we all grow at different levels and making yourself the priority is important. 


Mentorship with children (Under 16 years of age)

This is an area that is dear to my heart. As a Registered Early Childhood Educator, the importance of learning through play has been a fundamental part of my career path. Watching them grow and live through a variety of experiences is something that is so magical.

Often children need a place to unload some of their worries and emotions or even just a place to talk about all the bumps life can sometimes throw at them. As a mentor I will continue to help them navigate with each of their own individual needs.

When we become objective to a situation it can help take the pressure off and allow for opportunities of growth and strength. Someone to talk to that remains objective could be one of the most beautiful connections. 

Mentoring is a way to help navigate through a judgment free space, and really listen to their ideas and thought processes. It is a way to think with the child, and not for the child. Some of the areas in which we may encounter are conflict management, identifying emotions and building healthy relationships. My goal is to provide support and encouragement and in turn developing higher levels of self esteem and wellness.

Meet Stephanie

Hi, I am Stephanie and I have waited my whole life to find a career path that would algin with my true core values.

Growing up surrounded by unhealthy relationships forced me to decide whether I would go down that unhealthy path or make the choice for change. I chose change, I knew I wanted more. It was not an easy path, and it is an ongoing battle that I work extremely hard on to be where I am today.

The important message from me here is that no matter how hard life can get, no matter what obstacles are thrown your way, you can overcome them. It really boils down to how we handle those obstacles because that is what will determine our successes.

My education of course was naturally drawn to the helping field. I started off working with young children then I continued my work with women and children in shelters, to youth in group homes, childcare, educational support and now to mentoring. I do have diplomas in Early Childhood Education and Social Service work and education in Sociology and Psychology.

To me it is different here, I want to take the emphasis off the education and focus more on the experience that real life has offered me. This is where my true education and knowledge comes from. I want us to work together and feel like we are sitting having a genuine conversation. I want you to feel heard, and I look forward to walking this path beside you because ultimately You Matter too!!

Social Worker
Healthy mind

Monday - Thursday 9:00 - 7:30pm 
Friday  9:00 - 3:00pm
Saturday/Sunday   CLOSED


I'm here for you when you need me. Call  to schedule an appointment or feel free to use the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Peterborough, ON, Canada


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